anvil club policies


    To provide the best possible service, reservation are strongly encouraged and can be made during normal business                hours. We request that all reservations be honored within 15 minutes of scheduled time.  If you plan on having a cocktail      in the Lounge prior to dining your reservations should be made for the time you desire to be seated for dinner. On              occasion the Club may be required to close because of inclement weather, privately held event or member only event.           We encourage you to call ahead 847.426.7710.


   If you make a reservations and realize you cannot attend, please notify the Club 24 hours prior to the event.                         If you do not notify us or are a no show, your account will be charged in full.



Our dress code and children policy is extremely important to us and our members.  They are in place to ensure the level of enjoyment you receive while visiting the club.  Our staff is here to answer any questions you have about our policies and they have been directed to gently remind those who accidentally forget or are uninformed of the standards.  We hope that the following guidelines will assist you in making your time spent at the club as comfortable and pleasurable as possible.

·       Jackets are required for gentleman in the Board Room (ties are optional). Ladies are asked to use discretion and dress appropriately.

·       Denim and jeans are permitted in the Saddle Room, Sparky's, Lounge and Veranda.   Denim and jeans that are worn, torn, ripped, baggy or have holes are not permitted.   A collared shirt or banded neck dress shirt or sweater must be worn with denim and jeans.

·       Shorts are permitted in the Saddle Room and Veranda.  Appropriate short attire is defined as golf length shorts.  Shorts shall be no more than 4 inches above the knee anything shorter is not acceptable. 

·       Inappropriate attire at all times; tee shirts, undershirts, sweatshirts (with or without hoods) sweat suits, cutoffs, running shorts, short shorts, jean shorts, hats worn backwards, halter/fishnets/tank tops, leggings, jogging/tennis attire, flip-flops, tennis/gym shoes (unless worn for medical reasons) any clothing that is worn, torn, baggy, ripped or with holes.



  Children must adhere to the Club dress code.  They must also be accompanied by a member.  Children ages 12 and   over are permitted in all the Dining Rooms and Veranda.  They are not permitted in the Lounge.  Children ages under   12 are permitted in the Saddle room on Sunday's only.     All ages are allowed during Member held banquets/events   and Family Club events such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Santa Brunches.