The history of music is a wonderful story in Jeorge’s life. His father was a professional singer and mother could tear up the blues on the piano. His entire family has some type of gifts and passion for music. Jeorge was raised playing the piano and organ and would enjoy singing in the shower and his bedroom, thinking no one could hear him (but we know his parents sure could).  His father made sure he listened to the best; Caruso, Lanza, Pavarotti, Sinatra, Bennett, Cole, Presley and many more. As early as eight years old, Jeorge would try to sing like great opera tenors and even travelled professionally, in his late teen years, as a top-rated Elvis Impersonator.

He does tributes to Sinatra, Presley and Pavarotti as he shares his life stories of family, faith and God’s grace in his life.